About GeT_RiGhT

Christopher Alesund, also known as GeT_RiGhT. Is a Member of the NiP-Gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, in 2009 he won the awards for Counter-Strike Player of the Year and eSports Player of the Year.

Now turned 22, GeT_RiGhT is considered one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world and has been the most observed raising star in Europe for quite a while.

Both respected and feared by all top teams, especially since his previous performance in team Giants/Lanklan, he became a part of the well known fnatic.CS squad in early 2009, joining forces with Swedish legends f0rest, dsn, cArn and Gux, as ins and Archi went inactive.

Gaining experience over the years by playing in teams such as Begrip, MYM, NiP, SK or Blank, he is now about to become the next big thing in the CS world, as fnatic will offer him a real opportunity to show his amazing talent when it comes to aiming and clutching.